Manufacturing or distribution company’s struggling with improving inventory accuracy, excess & obsolescence, on-time delivery, contribution margins, productivity, labor efficiency, material usage variance, shop floor communications and quality control are in need of ERC Enterprise Resource Control.

(ERC) is an innovative technology system specifically designed for the JDE Warehouse Module to improve inventory accuracy and key aspects of operations:
-Real-Time Inventory Accuracy
-Warehouse Management
-Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
-Overbuys / Underbuys
-Production Management
-Quality Control

ERC is not a substitute but an add-on supplement to your existing JDE or Standalone. ERC combines (RFID) real-time asset tracking technology with proprietary software, creating an all-in-one solution to transact, monitor and drive activities and business decisions in real time. Implementation and integration to your JDE ERP is made simple and seamless with our partner www.cenbion.com. Cenbion has been solving problems with RFID since 2005 in the Medical, Dental, Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors.