Coronus Stories

Here are some of the things our clients have to say about us.

Donaldson Company “We used Randal York’s team for one project and its success grew into several more projects. We would recommend them to help define your vision and deliver solutions.

– Paul Kojetin, Director Engineering

NCRIC Group, Inc. “They evaluated our problem, made recommendations, put a plan together and delivered per that plan” Our systems performance has never been better.

– Kevin O’Shaughnessy

MMIC – Midwest Medical Insurance Company “They have a quick response time and have come up with the answer we’re looking for.”

-Tom Youngbloom IT Director

Archway Marketing Services “Matthew Aarsvold’s team does exactly what they say they’re going to do…they deliver “ON TIME UNDER BUDGET”!

-Tom Rivers, VP IT

The Quikpages “They are doing exactly what we need them to do!”

-Mary Dedrick, VP Technology

CES International “Would recommend them because they where able to provide the expertise we wanted.”

-Kevin Costin, Engineering Director

VUE – Virtual University Enterprises / NCS “We would definitely recommend them to others based on their flexibility to do what we needed at anytime.”

-Deb Bezdicheck

Skyline Displays “I would recommend them because of their professional quick response and great quality of work.”

–John Gering, IS Manager

Digital Cyclone “They were instrumental in bringing cutting edge database implementations for the foundation of our nation wide B2B Solution”

-Ray Pitmon

MAIC – Medical Assurance Insurance Corp. “Their team has the highest honors I could give.”

-David Brown

Midwest Family Mutual “They definitely met our expectations.”

-Ron Boyd